35+ Positive Travel Affirmations to Ease Your Travel Anxiety

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Are you heading out of state to visit family? Traveling for work? Or taking a long overdue vacation?

Whatever’s got you packing your bags, travel affirmations can help you feel excited and empowered rather than overwhelmed when faced with a break in your usual routine.

Let’s take a look at 35 positive affirmations for travel, to give your trip a boost of confidence!

How to Use These Affirmations

Remember: affirmations are a starting point.

Saying things like “I am dedicated to planning my trip efficiently” isn’t gonna do much if you don’t actually follow through and do the research needed for your trip!

Use these travel affirmations to inspire you, encourage you, and ease some of your travel anxiety.

But don’t forget that much of the responsibility for your travel is still on you and your actions.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Mindlessly repeating words isn’t gonna do you much good, either.

Be intentional about the affirmations you’re reciting.

Take a deep breath in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Then, say an affirmation that resonates with you out loud (if you can).

Focus on each word.

Say the affirmation a few times if you need to, to really drill it into yourself.

Try adding emphasis to certain words, or saying the affirmation in a different tone (like calmly, or exuberantly).

“I have exactly what I need to complete this trip.”

“I have exactly what I need to complete this trip!”

Carry Reminders With You

If you anticipate being nervous in the middle of your travels, you can write or print some of the affirmations that resonate with you, and bring them on your journey.

Keep them in your pocket and pull them out for a quick inspiration when you feel the need.

Or, save them to your phone.

(Though there is something special about having an encouraging piece of paper in your hand.)

Here are some more simple tips on how to use affirmations.

And with that, let’s dive in!

7 Positive Affirmations for Travel Anxiety

It’s always good to be prepared, but sometimes our anxiety can get the better of us and distract us from experiencing the joy of travel!

And, oftentimes, the things we worry about end up being a non-issue.

What a waste of energy!

How about focusing on empowering ourselves in our travels instead of fearing the worst?

Here are some encouraging affirmations for travel anxiety.

1. I will not worry about things that are out of my control.

2. I have prepared as best I can for this trip.

3. It is okay for things to not go exactly as planned; I can go with the flow and make the most out of any situation.

4. I’m more than capable of dealing with any unexpected problems that may arise during this trip.

5. I will always be able to reach out for the help of others if I should need to on this trip.

6. I will not allow fear to hold me back from enjoying this trip.

7. This trip is a learning experience, just like every other part of life.

7 Air Travel Affirmations

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Traveling by plane?

Many look forward to soaring through the sky, but some find the whole idea stressful.

And, of course, the busy environment of airports doesn’t help!

But with a thought-out plan, a few deep breaths, and some reassuring words, you’ll get from point A to point B with confidence.

Here are some air travel affirmations.

1. The plane is safe in the very capable hands of the pilot who has gone through extensive training to fly it.

2. I am getting to the airport with enough time to get through all the checkpoints and not worry about missing my flight.

3. The airline I’m traveling with and/or the airport(s) I’m traveling through can answer any questions or concerns I might have.

4. (If traveling with others:) I am not alone. We can enjoy this flight together.

5. (If traveling alone:) I can do this alone, and I can always ask for help from the people around me if I need to.

6. I will roll with any delays or changes to my flight(s) with confidence.

7. Flying is statistically one of the safest ways to travel; I am safe.

Traveling With Kids?

If you’re taking little ones on your next journey, address some of their travel anxiety by helping them make their own affirmations!

You can modify some of the affirmations in this post to fit their concerns, or come up with new ones altogether!

Using travel affirmations as a family can be a great, mindful way to prepare for a big trip.

You can even use affirmations to gently remind your young ones to keep their needs in check during their travels:

  • “I always remember to speak up when I need to take a bathroom break!”
  • “I love to drink water and keep my body hydrated wherever I go!”

Before you leave, have everyone say a group affirmation that is specific to the journey you’re about to embark on together.

  • “We’re going to have a great time visiting grandma and exploring a new city!”
  • “We are going to have the best vacation ever!”

Get creative, and have the kids write their travel affirmations on cards to mentally prepare for the adventure.

Add glitter, stickers, or other crafty embellishments to make the upcoming trip feel even more exciting!

7 Road Travel Affirmations

Snacks, music, unique roadside attractions… road trips can be such fun!

But they can also come with a load of worries, especially for those with travel anxiety.

Here are some affirmations for travel by car:

1. I have prepared for this road trip by printing out backup maps in case I lose connection to a mobile maps app.

2. I am excited to listen to some of my favorite music on this road trip.

3. (If you’re driving:) I am a safe and attentive driver.

4. (If someone else is driving:) ____ is a perfectly capable driver, and I am safe in their hands.

5. I’m excited to see what I’ll discover along the way!

6. I know what to do if my car breaks down.

7. I can change a tire if I need to.

7 Positive Travel Affirmations for Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be intimidating, especially if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before.

If you’re feeling some travel anxiety about taking a solo trip, here are some affirmations for you:

1. I’m looking forward to spending some time with myself on this trip.

2. I am perfectly capable of going on this trip by myself.

3. Traveling alone gives me the exciting opportunity to meet new people!

4. Even though I’ll be traveling alone, I’ll always be able to reach out to others if need be.

5. I enjoy my own company during my travels.

6. Traveling alone is a great opportunity for me to get to know myself even better!

7. Solo trips are a lot of fun!

7 Travel Affirmations When Visiting Different Cultures

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Whether you’re going to another country entirely, or another part of your own country where the culture is significantly different to where you grew up, culture shock can be both exciting and overwhelming.

If you choose to look at your foreign travels as a learning opportunity, rather than something to be intimidated by, you’ll be off to a great start!

Here are some affirmations about travel to a foreign culture:

1. I am open to learning something new on this trip.

2. I will enter this new place with respect.

3. I’m excited to discover new ways of life on this trip!

4. I have done as much as I can to learn about and prepare for the cultural differences.

5. I will forgive myself if I do something socially awkward.

6. I’m choosing to lean into curiosity and wonder as I embark on this journey.

7. I will treat everyone I encounter on this trip with respect and dignity, no matter how different they are from me.

Remember: Be Open, Stay Calm, and Have Fun!

Travel can come with joys and stresses.

By staying mindful about the thoughts you lean into before and during your travels, you’ll be better equipped to have a positive experience.

Happy travels!


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If affirmations just aren’t doin’ it for ya, try listening to this comforting playlist!

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