Monthly Motivation for August 2023

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Yo! Gonna keep this one short and sweet (er, even shorter and sweeter than usual) because I, um, waited too long to write it and I need to queue it and go to bed.

(Pfft, “queue it”. Can you tell I’m a longtime Tumblr user?)

Anywho, I’ve gotta be real with you: I’ve been having a hard time feeling motivated lately.

Partly I think it’s just the summer heat, coupled with exhaustion from my part-time job.

But also, I’ve just been feeling generally low about my goals, honestly.

I mean, I have goals, and I want to achieve the goals, but something’s standing in the way.

(Me. It’s me. I’m in my own way.)

So, I’m starting my August 2023 monthly motivation post with my song of the month:

My Song of the Month for August 2023 is: Reservations to Live (The Way It Is) by Steve Lukather

I got this 90s Steve Lukather album in a used music store a few months ago, but I didn’t pop it in the car radio until the other day.

And man, when this song came on, I had to listen to it twice to make sure I really absorbed it.

Don’t know what you’re waiting for
Don’t need a reservation just to live
You might be expecting more
But you won’t get more than you have to give
And that’s just the way it is

It’s a simple truth, but a hard one to take.

I’ve definitely tended toward passive living – it’s kind of my modus operandi.

And, hey, I do think that takin’ it easy is all well and good – we do not exist to be slaves to capitalism.

But sometimes you have to fucking do shit in order for shit to happen.

So, the energy I want to have in August 2023 is the doing shit part of my goals.

Obviously, things have to happen in steps. Tackling a major goal in just one month is not realistic.

But I need to get serious about the action part, where my goals go beyond daydreams and become something I know I can actually make happen.

There’s a lot that goes into that, but part of it ties into my next bit of motivation:

My Word of the Month for August 2023

My August 2023 Word of the Month is Family.

Not the family I was born into, though some of them definitely make the list.

But the people who truly fill familial roles in my life.

The people who have my back, who want to see me succeed, who can cheer me on and offer support when needed.

And, the people I can offer the same benefits to, per my personal values.

We are, after all, a social species (as much as my introverted soul loathes to admit).

We need each other.

Going into August 2023, I want to ask myself:

How am I cultivating Family in my life?

Some things, I need to figure out on my own.

I can’t hand my dreams over to my chosen family and let them lead the way; this is MY thing!

But their counsel, support, and accountability can be super valuable in my journey.

And I’ve let my fear of other people witnessing my setbacks (or even my successes) hold me back from trying for far too long, and that, uh, needs to stop.

My Color Scheme for August 2023

Ceiling of St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo by Pau Sayrol on Unsplash

My Color Scheme for the Month of August is blue and gold.

There’s no reason for it.

It’s just pretty.

I’m vibin’ with it.

Alright, it’s late (at time of writing this), and I’m tired, and I’ve got a whole new month ahead of me.

So, toodles!

May your August be full of dreams that become goals that become actions, and familial love that centers and grounds you.


Signature of the name Riley
Riley, he/they pronouns

P.S. yes I did make my song of the month another shoutout to my ongoing Toto obsession. You’re wELCOME.

P.P.S. why don’t I just write casually like this more often? I don’t think I’m faking it when I type more “professionally”, but I do tend to fixate of perfectionism. That’s dumb. Fuck it. I’m just some guy. Hi there hey hello and waelcom to my website!!

…Okay I’m shutting off my computer now.

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