21 Monday Affirmations to Kickstart Your Week

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Ugh, Mondays. The dreaded start of the workweek. Here’s some good news: If you hate Monday, affirmations could help.

Starting off the week with some positive affirmations is always a good idea. And with the general disdain so many people have for Mondays, it can really make a difference to enter the week with a positive mindset.

We’ll keep this one short and sweet, since Mondays are already so stressful for so many of us.

How to Use Affirmations

You can say these affirmations anywhere, at any time. Speak them aloud, write them out, sign them, think them super hard in your Monday-chaos-riddled brain… Whatever you want!

Affirmations are entirely customizable. You can even change some of the words in the affirmations listed below if the examples I typed out don’t resonate with you.

New to affirmations? Check out this handy guide for how to use them most effectively!

Alright, now let’s jump right in!

Monday Morning Affirmations

Note: these Monday affirmations are aimed for the morning, but some can be used at any time.

Easing into a new week is key to avoiding stress. So take a deep breath, put some coffee or tea in your favorite mug, and start the week off with some positive affirmations.

  1. Mondays have the same potential for beauty as any other day of the week.
  2. I will focus on this Monday without worrying about the week ahead.
  3. I ease into this Monday morning with peace and contentment.
  4. I refuse to pressure myself while easing into my workweek.
  5. I take time for myself on this Monday morning, and always.
  6. This Monday is a fresh start, and I am grateful for it.
  7. I will find the beauty in this Monday morning.

Monday Affirmations for the Week Ahead

  1. I am excited for this week.
  2. I am committed to my goals for this week.
  3. I can do the hard things I need to do this week.
  4. I am choosing to prioritize my self care this week.
  5. This is the start of a brand new week, full of new opportunities.
  6. I have the focus and dedication to accomplish my goals this week.
  7. Whatever this week brings, I will face it with confidence and grace.

Monday Evening Affirmations

Note: these Monday affirmations are aimed for the evening, but can really be used at any time.

At the end of a Monday (or any day, really), it’s important to take time for yourself to relax and recharge. Take a rose bath, or light some candles, and try out these affirmations to end the day on a positive note.

  1. No matter how today made me feel, I got through it, and I’m proud of myself.
  2. With each Monday that passes, I learn not to resent them.
  3. I release any stress from the day, and allow myself to rest.
  4. Today was the first day of a great new week.
  5. I did my best today, and that is enough.
  6. I deserve to rest at the end of the day.
  7. I look forward to the rest of the week.

Mondays Don’t Have to Suck

A lot of the negative feelings around Mondays are valid; capitalism kinda, like, sucks.

But Mondays are just another day. And if you take care to prioritize a healthy morning routine (and evening routine), maybe including a few relevant affirmations, you might even learn to look forward to the start of a new week, and the opportunities it holds.

Note: It Doesn’t Matter When Your “Monday” Is

Not everyone starts their workweek on Monday. So, to be clear, these affirmations are meant for whichever day of the week holds the spirit of Monday for you.

No matter when your “Monday” is, I hope you can use these Monday affirmations to reassure you and fuel your energy at the start of each new week.


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Can you come up with your own Monday affirmations? Drop some in the comments below and spread that #MondayMotivation!!

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