21 Positive Affirmations for Anger

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Pssst, did you know: It’s okay to be angry! Anger is temporary, and it’s a natural emotion. (Hey, there are two affirmations for anger right off the bat!)

When we experience anger, especially if we feel it often or if we experience a lot of it, we might seek out ways to be rid of it.

I’m not here to help you get rid of your anger, but I do believe that using affirmations can help you cope with, embrace, and eventually release your anger.

Positive Affirmations for Anger

Some of these affirmations may feel a bit silly – especially if you’re in the middle of experiencing anger.

But silly is okay.

Silly won’t hurt you.

In fact, silly is a great way to shake off some of that excess anger, and come back to a place of warmth and joy.

But don’t pressure yourself!

Use these affirmations how you can, when you can.

You know your own experiences better than anyone else; if you just need to listen to loud music for a while, or punch a pillow, do that!

If you need to vent to a (willing and available) friend, or talk to a professional therapist, do that!

These affirmations for anger will be waiting for you when you need them. ❤️

Alright, let’s dive in to some anger affirmations!

Affirmations for Dealing With Anger

  1. I recognize that anger is something I experience, not something that I am.
  2. I’m able to enjoy other aspects of life despite the anger I’m currently experiencing.
  3. I can hold space for my anger without letting it consume me.
  4. My anger cannot force me to hurt anyone, including myself. I am still in control.
  5. My anger is temporary, and will not last forever.
  6. I can be angry and still remain in control of my actions.
  7. I can experience anger without it becoming part of my core identity.

Positive Affirmations for Embracing Anger

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  1. It is okay for me to experience anger.
  2. I won’t let anyone (including myself) shame me for experiencing the natural emotion of anger.
  3. Anger is a natural response to injustice, pain, and fear.
  4. Being angry does not make me a bad person.
  5. Anger is a feeling, and feelings aren’t good or bad.
  6. It is okay if I cry when I am angry.
  7. My anger deserves to be acknowledged and expressed in appropriate ways.

Affirmations for Releasing Anger

Like I said, affirmations for releasing anger might feel a bit silly, or downright infuriating, if you’re not ready to actually let it go. Use these when you’re ready.

And if you’re not ready? It’s okay. Do some more introspection, discover why you’re still angry, and give yourself room to embrace those feelings as you heal.

When you’re ready to move on, here are some affirmations for letting go of anger:

  1. I recognize when my anger no longer serves me, and I let it go peacefully.
  2. I thank my anger for the way it has empowered me and helped me to process a situation, and dismiss it when it is no longer useful.
  3. Now that I have felt my anger, I will let myself feel peace.
  4. I will reach out for help when I am unsure of how to release my anger.
  5. I am moving away from anger and stress, and into a place of peace and security.
  6. With each breath I take, I let go of my anger, and relax into calmness.
  7. When I breathe out, I release my anger and stress, and when I breathe in, I breathe in peace and love.

…And that’s about all I’ve got for ya!

Personally, I use some of these to remind myself that feeling angry is temporary, and that it’s okay to be angry.

As someone with ADHD, it can really help me cope with random irritability to remember that it’s not going to last forever, and I am still in control of my actions.

I hope you find value in some of these anger affirmations, and wish you a full, beautiful life – no matter what emotions you’re experiencing!


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How do you cope with anger? Did any of these affirmations for anger stand out to you? Can you think of more? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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