28 Empowering Affirmations for Abundance

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We all want to live an abundant life – where both our most basic needs and our deepest desires are fulfilled.

But feeling that we are in lack can psychologically (and, as some argue, spiritually) block us from letting that abundance flow.

Rather than crumbling in fear of lack, we can use affirmations for abundance to empower and encourage us.

But first, let’s take a look at what abundance really is!

What is Abundance?

What is true abundance?

Is it flowing riches? A massive savings account?

A big house, a nice car, and plenty of vacations?

Or, could abundance be something more abstract, like having a really close circle of friends, or always having enough time to focus on your self care?

Almost, but not quite!

Abundance is a Mindset!

Abundance extends beyond material resources.

You can live an abundant life and own very little. (In fact, some minimalists find joy in having less!)

Where you focus your attention and gratefulness is where your abundance lies.

If you take time to appreciate what you already have – your home, your relationships, the simple joys of your day to day life – you’ll find yourself feeling more abundant, no matter how much money is in your bank account.

Abundance isn’t a goalpost, where you’ll be abundant when you have a certain amount of money or a certain kind of house.

It’s all about attitude.

So, let’s start our list of abundance affirmations with gratefulness!

Gratefulness Affirmations for Abundance

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  1. I am grateful for what I already have.
  2. I am grateful for the abundance coming to me in the future.
  3. I’m grateful for the resources available to me.
  4. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to expand my abundance.
  5. The more grateful I am in spirit, the more I find to be grateful for.
  6. I am grateful to have _______. (List something specific!)
  7. I am grateful simply to be alive!

Abundance Affirmations to Fight the Lack Mindset

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The more you worry about what you have (or don’t have), the less you’ll notice the abundance around you!

Here are some abundance mindset affirmations, to combat the lack mindset.

  1. I have everything I need.
  2. I am never in lack.
  3. There are resources all around me.
  4. There’s more to life than financial success.
  5. My value is not in any way tied to how much money I have.
  6. I trust that I will always have my basic needs met.
  7. If I look for signs of lack, I will find it. If I look for signs of abundance, I will find it!

Dedication Affirmations for Abundance

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Affirmations for abundance aren’t going to magically make you richer; for many things, you have to put in the effort yourself!

These affirmations focus on dedication – a way to remind yourself that you’re committed to bringing in abundance, and won’t just sit by waiting for things to fall in your lap.

  1. I am dedicated to my dreams and goals.
  2. I create my own abundance.
  3. Nothing and no one can truly block my abundance except me. (And I will not do that!)
  4. I am someone who keeps persevering even when things get tough.
  5. I use my resources wisely.
  6. Whatever happens, I will not give up on the things I want most.
  7. I choose to remain stubbornly optimistic about my future!

Positive Money Affirmations for Abundance

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Capitalism can be a real drain, prompting us to become obsessed with chasing money.

And, of course, money is important in our society. There are a lot of things you can’t do without it!

But let’s change our relationship with money by using some positive money affirmations…

  1. Money can contribute to my happiness, but it is not the key to my happiness!
  2. I am wise in the way I use my money.
  3. Money can be a vital resource, but it is not all I need.
  4. When it comes to money, it is better to give than to receive.
  5. I respect the importance of money in this world, but I refuse to become obsessed with it.
  6. Instead of having an anxious relationship with money, I choose to be hopeful about it.
  7. I deserve abundance – financially and otherwise!

In case you ever doubted it, say that last one again.

It’s true:

You Deserve Abundance!

No one is any more or less worthy of an abundant life than anyone else.

A lot of us, especially highly empathetic people, fall into the trap of thinking:

“Why should I have a nice home in a nice area when others don’t? Why should I live in comfort when others are struggling to get by?”

Get rid of that guilty mindset!

As long as you’re not a greedy capitalist hoarding resources for your own gain or exploiting and disproportionately profiting off the work of others, you have no reason to be ashamed for your own abundance in life.

There’s plenty to go around; your abundance does not have to come at the cost of someone else’s.

And if you really feel for those less fortunate, consider donating or volunteering!

Many people feel the richest when they spend time, money, or other resources on others.

We can all live beautiful, rich lives, if we understand what abundance really is.

May you always remember that you are worthy of abundance, and may your needs always be met. ❤️


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