28 Mindful Affirmations for Beauty

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Beauty. It’s such a big focus in the world today. But what is beauty, really? And how can we be mindful in how we think and speak about it? Here are some affirmations for beauty to help you get into a healthy mindset.

How to Use Beauty Affirmations

Try saying these affirmations for beauty as you go about your beauty routine(s). When you wash your face in the morning, affirm the beauty of your skin, your smile, your eyes, your mouth… etc!

New to affirmations in general? Here’s a quick run-through on what they really are, and how to use them effectively!

Now, of course, it’s not like saying “I have beautiful skin” is going to magically clear away your acne, scars, or other (perceived) imperfections.

But by using “I am beautiful” affirmations, you can build your own confidence, and reinforce good habits.

For example, affirming that you have beautiful skin can help you love and appreciate your skin as it is.

It can also nudge you into a mindset that inspires you to take better care of your skin.

And, as you build confidence in your own beauty, you become even more beautiful!

Confidence is sexy!

So, without further ado, here are some beauty affirmations to boost your self-esteem. ❤️

Mindful Affirmations for Beauty

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Let’s be mindful and affirm what beauty really is (and isn’t).

1. I recognize that beauty is subjective.

2. I know that my self worth is not dependent on perceptions of how attractive I am.

3. Other people’s perceptions of my appearance have no real bearing on my beauty.

4. I am beautiful simply for being a living, breathing consciousness on this planet.

5. As standards of beauty change with the times, I will not place my self-worth in my ability to fit passing trends.

6. Physical beauty is not a standard with which I have to judge myself; I am valuable in so many other ways.

7. I allow myself to enjoy the fun and creativity of beauty without giving it more importance than it deserves.

Affirmations for Beauty in Specific Features

Most of us have a favorite feature on ourselves. Many of us also have features we don’t like so much.

But every part of us deserves love! Every part of our bodies deserves to be appreciated in the beauty they hold simply for being part of us.

Here are some beauty affirmations for specific features. Maybe they will inspire you to come up with even more, specific to your own body!

1. My smile is contagious. It’s beautiful because it reflects joy.

2. My eyes hold depth and beauty that beg to be celebrated in poetry.

3. The varying curves and angles of my body are beautiful.

4. My skin is beautiful, in all its unique color and marks and spots.

5. My scars are beautiful because they remind me of how strong my body is.

6. The color, texture, length, and style of my hair (or lack thereof!) is beautiful.

7. My voice is beautiful, especially when I use it to spread love and joy.

Confidence Affirmations for Beauty

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Listen, beauty is subjective.

But confidence? That shit can make someone you might not have initially looked twice at suddenly become the hottest person in the room.

Here are some confidence affirmations for beauty.

1. I am confident. I exude confidence.

2. Regardless of how I feel about my appearance, I am going to carry myself with confidence.

3. Since beauty is subjective, I have decided to view myself as beautiful, and that is enough.

4. If I use makeup, it is to add to the beauty I already have.

5. I attract others when I empower myself with confidence.

6. When I’m confident, I inspire others to be more confident; we’re all beautiful badasses.

7. It is not arrogant for me to have confidence in my appearance. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness.

Affirmations for Beauty Within

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Stick with me, here. I know it’s pretty cheesy.

But, honestly, inner beauty is 100x more important than how any of us look!

And so, we’ll conclude this post with some affirmations for beauty within.

1. I know I am beautiful inside and out.

2. The beauty of my soul shines out from my face.

3. I choose to define my beauty not by the appearance of my body, but by the kindness in my heart.

4. No matter how I look, I can always create beauty in the way I engage with the world.

5. My internal beauty is so much more important than anything external.

6. While there may be some parts of my appearance I can’t change, I can always decide to cultivate the beauty within.

7. I am choosing to be more concerned with how I make people feel, rather than whether they find me attractive.


You Are Beautiful ❤️


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Can you think of any other affirmations for beauty? Share your ideas in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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