55 Positive Affirmations for Creativity

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Do you consider yourself a creative person? (Spoiler alert: We all are!) Whatever form of creativity you take on, these positive affirmations for creativity will help you grow more confident in your creative power.

I’ve split this post into 5 categories of creativity affirmations; creativity comes in many forms!

We’ll look at 11 affirmations each for visual creativity, musical creativity, creativity in writing, creative thinking, and, finally, we’ll simply affirm that whoever you are, you are, indeed, a creative person.

But first, let’s define what creativity really is.

What is Creativity?

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Many people immediately think of art or music when they hear the word “creativity”.

But creativity comes in many forms!

You can use creative thinking to come up with solutions to problems.

Creativity can lead to the invention of new products, philosophies, or even life-saving advances in the medical field!

Everyone has a spark of creativity in them.

However you use that spark, here are some positive affirmations for creativity.

Pssst. New to affirmations? Here’s a quick guide on how to use them effectively!

Let’s jump right in, with some affirmations for visual creativity.

Visual Creativity Affirmations

A photo of a dancer caught mid-movement, their dress fanning out as they twirl. Creativity affirmations includes affirmations for creativity in visual art, like photography, or even dance.
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Photography, painting, sketching, sculpting, sewing–even dancing, are all examples of visual art!

Whatever mediums strike your interest, your visual art is unique to you, and the world’s a better place with your contributions.

Here are some visual creativity affirmations.

1. I create beauty with my art.

2. I have an excellent eye for color, shape, and form.

3. My art is unique; no one else has the very same creative expression that I do.

4. I am strengthening my artistic skills with each piece I work on.

5. I push boundaries and disrupt expectations with my art.

6. I’m not afraid to try new forms of visual creativity.

7. I create visual art simply for the sake of creating.

8. I refuse to pressure myself into creating “perfect” art; perfection is subjective, and my art is perfect as it is.

9. The art I create is an expression of something deeper, in my very core–that’s what makes it beautiful.

10. I can explore a variety of artistic mediums; I needn’t limit myself to one form of visual art.

11. Even if it’s just a scribble on a scrap of paper, I add beauty to the world by creating something that wouldn’t have been there without me.

Musical Creativity Affirmations

A close up photo of a person sitting on their bed, playing a keyboard, with an acoustic guitar around their shoulder. In the background, their laptop is open with a music program pulled up.
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Whether you’re a songwriter, a DJ, singer, composer, lyricist, violinist… whatever forms your musical creativity take, here are some affirmations to inspire you.

12. Melodies flow through me.

13. My voice is unique and worthy of being heard.

14. Lyrics rise up from my soul and into my song.

15. The lyrics I write are an expression of my soul; that makes them inherently beautiful.

16. There are 12 musical notes at my fingertips, and I arrange them in my own unique way.

17. The more songs I write, the better the next ones will be.

18. The song in my soul deserves to be expressed.

19. I don’t have to compete with other musicians; my music is worthy in its own right.

20. I’m not afraid to explore new forms of musical expression; no genre, instrument, or style is out of my league.

21. I create music simply for the sake of expressing myself; anything else is a bonus.

22. No amount of praise or attention for my music can determine its true value; it is valuable simply for being an expression of the human soul.

Creativity Affirmations for Writers

A photo of a grey typewriter with mint green keys, sitting amidst a white background. There are white and yellow green flowers coming out of the paper holder in the typewriter. Positive affirmations for creativity must include some for writers!
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Are you an author? A journalist? Do you write non-fiction, or fiction? Whatever the case, here are some creativity affirmations for writers.

23. I am a wordsmith.

24. I articulate myself in creative, inspiring ways.

25. The characters I create would not exist without me.

26. I have a perspective that is unique and valuable; my words deserve to be shared.

27. I will always find the right words for what I’m expressing in my writing.

28. The more I write, the better of a writer I become.

29. Even my worst pieces are worth something, because they help me strengthen my skills.

30. The world can always use more stories; I might as well share mine.

31. I come up with original ideas in my writing.

32. My stories are valuable whether or not they receive praise.

33. I don’t write to achieve greatness, I write to pour a little more soul into the universe. That is enough.

Affirmations for Creativity in Thinking

We all have to use creative thinking in some way throughout our lives.

Whether at work, in your personal life, or brainstorming for a creative project, here are some positive affirmations for creativity in thinking.

34. I come up with creative solutions to problems.

35. My mind is full of ideas worth pursuing.

36. The more I challenge my brain, the more clever I become.

37. I am excellent at brainstorming.

38. Not every idea I have will be successful, but every idea is good for keeping my mind sharp.

39. I don’t have to figure out everything on my own; sometimes it’s good to brainstorm with others!

40. I may not know the answer right away, but I will not let frustration keep me from seeking it.

41. My first thought is not always the best conclusion; I will give each idea an appropriate amount of consideration.

42. My thoughts are like a garden; I will tend to the ones that show promise, and weed out the ones that are unnecessary or harmful.

43. I don’t have to get it right on the first try; I’m more concerned with learning and growing than having something to prove.

44. Being a creative thinker is great, but my worth is not derived from how clever I am; I am good enough on my own.

I Am Creative Affirmations

If you’re ever in doubt that you’re truly a Creative Person, here are some I Am Creative affirmations to set you right.

45. I am a creative person.

46. I am creative in ways that are unique to me.

47. I’m creative in my self expression.

48. I create myself every day–there’s nothing more important than the act of self-creation!

49. Creativity is always accessible to me; it’s part of being human.

50. I don’t have to have any Big Projects in order to be a creative person.

51. Creativity is not an achievement-based concept; my art, music, writing, or other creative endeavors don’t have to be impressive to be valid.

52. I don’t have to prove my creativity to anyone.

53. My creativity grows as I find inspiration in the world around me.

54. If I let go of expectations and the quest for perfection, I can enter a state of creative flow.

55. Creativity flows from my soul, into everything I do.

I hope some of these positive affirmations for creativity will resonate with you, or inspire you to create your own custom list of creativity affirmations!

Remember, whoever you are…

You Are Creative!

Whether in art, music, or writing projects, or creativity in the workplace, school assignments, or, perhaps most importantly: the creation of You!

You create yourself every day, with the choices you make, the way you express yourself, and the path you carve for yourself in life.

Whoever you are, whatever you create, I hope you’ll never stop honoring your creative spirit.


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