Welcome to Live By Your Design, a lifestyle and self help blog that encourages readers to know, love, and be themselves, authentically!

I’m Riley, the human behind the blog.

I am queer and nonbinary and go by both he/him and they/them pronouns.

Individuality and authentic self expression have always been two of my top personal values. I believe that one of the key elements to a happy life is to both know yourself and be true to yourself.

At Live By Your Design, I hope to encourage others to do just that.

I started Live By Your Design in 2021 after several years of brainstorming with no action.

Finally understanding myself to have ADHD was a huge help in boosting my motivation and giving me the tools my neurodivergent brain needed in order to get shit done!

My neurodivergency and passion for individuality have prompted me to create a lifestyle blog that recognizes the diversity in all of us.

What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa, and that’s okay!

In my posts, I provide tips on how to discover your own way of thriving in this world, rather than claiming mine to be the Single Best Way that will work for everyone.

Lifestyle Design is for Everyone

I’ve noticed that lifestyle and self help blogs are often primarily run by (and geared toward) white cisgender women in the middle to upper class.

And it’s wonderful that there are so many resources for that demographic!

But as a queer trans person who grew up shopping at dollar stores, I often can’t relate to a lot of “lifestyle” content.

I want this site to be a source of inspiration for people of any gender, sexuality, color, nationality, ability, socioeconomic status and so on.

We all deserve to thrive.

We all deserve to live by our own design!

You’re welcome to join me as I continue to design my own life, and I hope you’ll be inspired in designing your own!


Signature of the name Riley
Riley, he/they pronouns