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If you were completely unbound, what would your life look like?

Where would you go?

What would you say?

Who would you meet?

Unlock your inner power and live your most authentic life with the help of a life coach!

Riley Sharp, life coach

Hi, I’m Riley, a trained and certified life coach.

My passion for working one-on-one with others prompted me to pursue a career in life coaching, and I’m excited to work with you in helping you recognize your goals and turn them into reality.

After spending my early adulthood living in timidity and self-doubt, I’ve taken several strides since 2019 that have launched me into the person I am today, including:

  • Packing up all my belongings and moving halfway across the country alone (er, with my cat)
  • Planning and going on a month-long solo trip to the UK (despite travel anxiety, having never been overseas before, and having a very low income to work with)
  • Printing and selling products of some of my artwork in a local shop (AKA kicking imposter syndrome in the ass, no matter how much it scared me!)

As a person with ADHD, being of trans experience, and having broken free from the toxic worldview that was pushed on me as a child, I am extremely passionate about helping people connect with their own inner power, discovering who they truly are (or who they want to be), and not letting anything stand in the way of their dreams.

That’s what made life coaching stand out to me as a career path, and it’s the driving force behind my passion for working with people like YOU!

But there’s a lot of misconception about what life coaching really is, so here’s a little FAQ to make sure we’re on the same page (click each question to expand the answer):

What Even IS Life Coaching?

Put simply, life coaching is a professional relationship that empowers a client to find their own direction and take clearly defined action steps toward their goals.

It’s not like therapy or mentoring!

Where therapy deals primarily with emotions, coaching focuses on concrete goals.

Coaching can be a great tool to use alongside therapy, but it is not a suitable replacement for therapy itself and coaches are not equipped to help clients work through trauma, or diagnose or treat mental illnesses or disorders.

Coaching is different from mentoring too, in that a mentor gives their mentee advice on what to do, based on the mentor’s own experience.

A coach doesn’t tell their client what to do, but instead helps the client find their own solutions by asking pointed questions and holding the client to their own values and goals.

The power to change your life lies in YOU, and that’s what a coach is there to help you realize.

Coaches will help their clients define their goals, identify action steps to achieve said goals, and hold the client accountable to themselves – as well as celebrating every milestone along the way!

At the end of the day, I want my clients to be able to look back and say, “I changed my own life. I did that!” So that even when the coaching relationship comes to an end, the client is able to step boldly into their own future and know that they are capable of living life by THEIR design.

Is Life Coaching Legit?

Look, let’s not dance around it: Life coaching is an unregulated industry.

There is no certification or licensing required; anyone can call themselves a life coach.

With anyone being free to run around offering various services and smacking the “life coaching” label on it, it’s understandable that there’s some confusion on what life coaching is, and whether it can actually help people.

I pursued my life coach training through the Life Coach Training Institute, because the director’s casual yet informative way of communicating felt most aligned with the type of coach I wanted to be.

Through online video lessons, live Q&A sessions, and real-life homework that put my skills to practice, I received my certificate from LCTI in September 2023.

So… is coaching actually helpful? That’s up to the client, and whether they’ve been paired with a coach who can meet their coaching needs!

This is why I don’t just take on any client without a consultation, to determine if I’m the right coach for you.

A coaching relationship is a relationship (albeit a professional one); it requires that both coach and client can communicate comfortably and have a mutual respect for each other.

With that in place, along with regular re-assessments throughout the coaching relationship, a coach can empower a client to not just name their goals, but reach them.

What’s a Session Like?

I offer 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions, held at the same time each week for each individual client.

For US clients*: each session will be held online via video call.

For Colorado Springs clients: sessions can either be online, or in person at a neutral location such as a park (weather-depending) or cafe.

*I do not currently offer coaching services to people outside the US.

Now, what’s a session actually like? Well, that depends on the client! But here are some key elements of an effective coaching session:

  • Sessions are client-led.
    • Coaching is all about the client’s perspectives and choices, not what the coach thinks the client should do. A good life coach will start a session by asking the client what they’d like to focus on for the session, and follow their lead!

  • Sessions dive into the client’s thoughts and goals.
    • Through powerful questioning and active listening, a coach will help their client navigate their own psyche, uncovering wants and needs, strengths and challenges, and anything else necessary to empower the client to reach their goals.

  • Sessions produce action steps.
    • It’s common for a session to conclude with an assignment for the client to complete before the next session. This should be agreed upon by the client and the coach, and preferably be the client’s own idea. I often end a session by asking my clients, “So, what do you think would be a good homework assignment for you this week?”

  • Sessions measure (and celebrate) progress.
    • An important part of any goal-oriented journey is celebrating milestones along the way! Together, a coach and client will measure progress toward the goal, and evaluate how the pace is serving the client and whether any adjustments would be beneficial.
Live by your design with the help of affordable life coaching for just $33 per session!

Because EMPOWERMENT shouldn’t only be for the wealthy.

Why only $33/session?

I believe in the transformative power of life coaching.

It’s not uncommon to see coaches charging over $100/session, making it largely inaccessible to people outside of a particular income bracket.

As an authenticity-focused coach, living in alignment with personal values is non-negotiable for me.

My drive for being a life coach is powered by my deep desire to place People on a higher pedestal than Profit.

$33 per 45-minute session is the price point that I feel is most fair, in terms of allowing me to earn a living wage while also remaining as affordable as possible for my desired clientele.

For the price of a haircut or a new shirt, you can sit down with someone who genuinely wants to listen to you, your dreams, your goals, your fears, your setbacks, and help you pull the answers out of your own mind.

A review from Heather B., surrounded by blue quotation marks. Quote reads: My experience with Riley was absolutely wonderful. I was supported, given tools to help me succeed in my lifelong endeavors, and didn’t feel judged by my shortcomings. I would highly recommend working with Riley, I felt seen, heard, and understood. It’s not just about getting helpful advice, but helping you come to your own conclusions about yourself and your goals and life plan.

Save even more!

If you pre-pay for 4 sessions at once, you’ll pay only $25 per session. That’s a $32 savings – almost the entire cost of a regularly-priced session!

For $100 per month, you’ll have scheduled life coaching sessions at the same time each week, so we can keep you on track with your goals amidst your busy schedule.

This helps me be able to plan my schedule in advance and ensure that my clients have a saved time slot for their sessions from week to week, saving you money and saving me the headache of an unpredictable schedule!

(That being said, I do have several time slots set aside specifically for new or returning clients who aren’t ready or able to commit to 4 sessions a month.)

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So… what’s holding you back from living the life you dream of, and how can we work together to get you there?

If you’re curious about what life coaching can do for you, fill out this interest form and I’ll get back to you to set up a free 15-minute consultation!

We’ll meet via video chat (or in person if you live locally), and I can answer any questions you have about my coaching services.

Bring your dreams, and together we’ll turn them into achievable goals!


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