How Drawing Every Day Can Change Your Life

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Did you know that drawing every day isn’t just a good habit for professional artists?

I’ve never thought of myself as much of an artist. I’ve always been inclined to doodle or paint every now and then, but I never focused on my art skills and developed them into anything I deem particularly impressive.

But that’s not what art is about.

Art is for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be “impressive” (in fact, trying to turn your creative nature into something that will impress others is never going to make you feel fulfilled).

In a world driven by capitalistic productivity, many people feel a pressure to make some sort of income with their creative hobbies.

And while getting paid for doing something you love is The Dream, that definitely shouldn’t be the primary motivation behind art. That would only lead to perfectionism and burnout.

By taking up a practice of drawing every day, I’ve given myself permission to make art simply because I am human, and part of being human means being creative.

Let’s take a look at what a daily drawing practice can do for you.

Drawing Every Day Provides a Sense of Consistency

As an autistic person, I am comforted by routine. Whether you’re on the spectrum or not, many people find a sense of security in having certain things they do every day.

By taking up the habit of doing a sketch each day, you’re creating that sense of consistency. Something to look forward to each day.

Having daily habits is grounding, and can be especially helpful for folks dealing with anxiety and/or depression.

Daily habits that encourage creative self expression are even better!

Drawing Every Day Will Improve Art Skills

In drawing every day, you’ll develop your own art style, and improve your skills.

You can draw everyday things, like your coffee mug, or the window by your desk. Try to mimic their shape, texture, the way the light hits them…

…Or don’t!

Make it abstract!

Have fun with your art, because that is truly the best way to learn.

Learning technique and all that professional art stuff can be useful, particularly if you want to make a career out of your art. But getting caught up in perfecting techniques can lead one down the dark road of perfectionism.

Speaking of…

Drawing Every Day Can Help in Overcoming Perfectionism

Doing a daily drawing in the margins of your planner, or on little scraps of paper, reminds you of the fun of doing something just for you. For your own enjoyment.

You don’t have to show anyone your daily doodles.

They are for you.

You’re not trying to impress anyone. There’s no need to try to make something worthy of Mom’s Fridge.

You’re just doodling. Sketching. Painting, even, if you prefer. Maybe dabbling in watercolors.

Whatever it is, it’s just for you.

You’re doing it because you enjoy it, and if you really do care about improving your art skills, you know that you’ll learn better if you give yourself permission to just have fun. To draw without an eraser and laugh at your mistakes rather than get upset over them.

No perfection required.

Drawing Every Day is a Way to Express Yourself

Daily creativity is an important part of self expression. Whether you consider yourself an Artist or not, everyone has that creative impulse.

When you’re having a rough day, sometimes art can express your feelings in ways that words can’t.

I’ve certainly done my fair share of vent art!

Or, perhaps you’re having a great day, and you’re listening to some upbeat music as you do a happy little doodle.

Art has this incredible capacity to hold all the complexity of the human experience. We can pour any number of feelings into our art, and even mix them together.

Vincent Van Gogh is renowned for his paintings of bright, vibrant colors, which he created while fueled by sadness.

Whether you’re feeling up or down, angry or content, confident or needing a self esteem boost, you can put those emotions into your art for the day.

It’s like singing (or screaming) with a pencil or a paintbrush. I highly recommend it.

Drawing Every Day is a Form of Self Care

Setting aside time for yourself is a key element of real self care.

Art can definitely be part of that time!

Taking time out of your day to express yourself creatively, perhaps to give your emotions a visual form, is a great way to take care of yourself.

Or maybe you just enjoy drawing, and so you’re caring for yourself in the sense that you’re allowing yourself to do something you love. That’s self care, too!

So, Are You Ready to Start Your Own Daily Doodle Challenge?

If this post has inspired you to start drawing every day, here are a few tips to help you get going.

What to Draw

Draw whatever you want! This is art, there are no rules.

If you’re someone who struggles to find inspiration, then at the beginning of each new month, make a list of things to draw. You can write down your favorite characters, animals, iconic buildings, flowers… Anything you like that you think might be fun to draw. Then pick one each day and draw it!

Or, you can always go to a random inspiration generator, like this one, which will give you a new art prompt each time you click on it! Even if you don’t want to draw that specific thing, maybe it’ll give you other ideas.

Don’t worry too much about settling on a particular thing to draw each day.

If you’re out of inspiration, just pick up a pencil, put it to paper, and see what comes out!

Draw circles overlapping one another.

Or a page full of eyeballs.

You don’t have to draw anything specific, just do whatever feels natural in the moment.

When and Where to Draw

This is up to you, but I do recommend setting aside a specific part of your day to be artistic. Otherwise, you might forget about it!

Make it part of your morning routine, like drawing in a sketchbook as you sip your coffee. Or try doodling in your journal at the end of the day.

Personally, I make myself a weekly planner where I can check off tasks for each day. One of my daily to-do’s is art.

I even have a spot in the lower right corner of my planner dedicated to doodles for the week! Sometimes I do my daily drawing in that box, sometimes I do it on a piece of scrap paper, and sometimes I break out an actual sketchbook.

If you have a tablet or other technology that allows you to draw electronically, try that!

Some people prefer making art the old-fashioned way, while others prefer using art programs where they can save the files to their computer and thus have less paper lying around.

Whatever works for you is okay!

How to Draw

Again, this is up to you! Do you prefer using colorful pens or markers? Or are black and white sketches more your thing? Do you like abstract drawings, or something more realistic?

Since you’ll be drawing every day, try mixing things up! You can do a silly little abstract doodle one day, and draw your dog’s nose the next. Maybe you’ll be in a Mood one day, and express yourself in simple scribbles. Or you can play around with word art – which is perfect if you have a Bullet Journal!

Eco Tip! If you’re looking to be more environmentally conscious in your art adventures, check out the sustainable arts and crafts supplies available at Earth Hero!

Alright, we’ve just about covered everything when it comes to starting a daily drawing practice.

Now stop listening to someone else tell you how to be creative!

Art is all about doing whatever you want. Creating your own rules – or forgoing rules altogether!

So get out there and draw your heart out with each new day.


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