January 2023 Word of the Month (+ More Monthly Motivation for January)

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Welcome to 2023!

In my last post, I shared my motivational Word for the Year, and a few other tips for bringing inspiration into the year ahead.

Now, we’re gonna focus on January 2023 specifically!

Choosing a January 2023 Word of the Month is a great way to create even more intention as we step into the new year.

As I said in my Word for the Year post, we can’t fully sum up our hopes for the entire year in just one word!

So, I like to choose an additional word every month, to give myself something more specific to focus on within that month.

Let’s take a look at some ways to find monthly motivation for January 2023 (and onward)!

Simple Tips for Monthly Motivation in 2023

Going into each month this year, I’ll be choosing one of each of these:

  • Word of the Month
  • Song of the Month
  • Color Scheme for the Month

Having a Word of the Month is a fun way to remind ourselves to take the year little by little.

“What is my focus going to be for this month?”

I invite you to come up with your own January 2023 Word of the Month.

If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ll share mine later in this post!

Your Song of the Month can be related to your Word of the Month, or it can just be any song that gets you pumped and ready to face the next 30-or-so days!

Same goes for choosing a Color Scheme for the Month. It can be as deep or as seemingly pointless as you want!

Maybe you’ll choose colors because their psychological meanings inspire you, or because they fit with a certain holiday that takes place that month, or because you just plain like ’em!

I wanna keep this post short ‘n sweet (especially since it’s a few days late 😅), so let’s move right along!

I’ll share my motivational word, song, and color scheme for the month. If any of them resonate with you, feel free to use them yourself!

My Word of the Month for January 2023:

A photo of a bookshelf full of colorful books, with the word "Read" in large white text in the center.

My Word of the Month for January 2023 is: Read.

It’s my goal this month to get back into reading a chapter of a book every morning and every night.

I fell out of this part of my morning and evening routines over the winter holidays, and I want to start 2023 off right by getting back into it!

My January Word of the Month is also a reminder to take more time to read things in general.

In this age of mindless scrolling, sometimes I zoom right past more thoughtful posts because I can’t be bothered to read a few paragraphs.

Enough of that!

In January 2023 (and beyond), I want to take the time to be still and take in information without hurrying onto the next thing.

Which leads me to my Song of the Month…

My Song of the Month for January 2023:

My Song of the Month for January 2023 is: I’m in a Hurry (And Don’t Know Why) by Alabama

Part of the reason I struggle to take time to read is I’m always in such a hurry!

And for what?!

Even when I don’t have a busy schedule, I often find myself bouncing frantically from one task to another.

This song reminds me not to “rush and rush until life’s no fun”.

I plan on listening to my Song of the Month every Monday morning, to set the tone for the week.

My Color Scheme for the Month of January 2023:

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

My Color Scheme for January 2023 is red and white.

To me, red is passionate, energetic, motivating, and deep.

And white makes me think of fresh starts – and fresh snow!

I’ll incorporate my monthly color scheme into my printed weekly to-do list.

I might even challenge myself to make some art using those colors this month – especially since I wanna get back into my Drawing Every Day habit!

Tip! You can use your monthly color scheme to create an inspiring Pinterest board for the month. Or, go offline and create a scrapbooking page using magazine cutouts, or anything else that inspires you!

And remember…

Lean Into Inspiration, Not Over-Productivity

Talking about the progress that we want to make in the months ahead can be fun, but I think a lot of us tend to freak ourselves out by overemphasizing achievements.

Rather than pressuring ourselves to achieve, achieve, achieve, what might our month-to-month look like if we just took some time to be inspired?

Have a Beautiful January!

Wherever you find inspiration for this month, may it fuel you to launch into 2023 with motivation, excitement, and hope! ❤️


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Are you going to choose a January 2023 word of the month? What about a song, or color scheme? Any other monthly motivation you can think of? Share some inspiration in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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