Monthly Motivation for June 2023 – Cynicism Be Damned!

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So… last month, I promised myself I would write something besides my Monthly Motivation posts before June rolled around.

You know when you say you’re gonna do something next month and then it’s the end of the aforementioned month and you still haven’t done the thing?



It’s not that I don’t have topics to write about, or even that I don’t have the time.

But, I just started a new job (that I’m really excited about), and I’ve been learning the ropes.

So, I’ve given myself permission to put most everything else on hold until I’ve settled into a routine with my new job.

But I’d hate to miss a month in this motivation series, so…

Song of the Month for June 2023

I decided to start this post with my monthly song rather than my word of the month. Because I’m obsessed with it.

My June 2023 Song of the Month is: Great Expectations by Toto.

Honestly, I’ve been hyperfixated on Toto for weeks, so I told myself that whatever I chose for this month would have to be a Toto song.

And this one came to mind immediately!

So, raise your hand, take a stand for each other
Lo, let us share the waters

I’ve got one million reasons for us to believe
There’s nothing we can’t change, my friend
I’ve got great expectations for now and forever

An ongoing theme in my wellbeing journey lately has been about cultivating community.

About stepping out of my own pity party (or, more accurately, fear pit) and remembering how badly we need each other.

My idealism has taken a pretty severe hit in recent years, but a part of me still clings to hope for a brighter future.

I mean, it has to.

Even if it’s a bit naive, I need to have great expectations in order to push through the chaos.

This song is filled with hope and a call for a community-centered world.

And it’s by Toto. So, you know. It’s an automatic jam. (Er, banger? What is it the kids are saying these days?)

Word for the Month of June 2023

the word "Hope" on top of a calming yellow and green background

My Word of the Month for June 2023 is: Hope.

I could have sworn I’d already used this word in a monthly motivation post this year!

I haven’t, turns out, but even if I had… there’s always a demand for more Hope.

Like I said before, cultivating community is so important to me right now (to the detriment of my introverted soul).

Hope might not necessarily go hand in hand with community, but for a lot of the things that threaten my overall Hope for the Future, community is a necessity.

Seeing people do good in the world, people who seek to connect with and help others… that gives me hope.

In a world where we’re increasingly divided, and the bigoted spew their hateful rhetoric like it’s something to be proud of, I need the hope that community-minded people cultivate.

And I want to be an active part of such communities!

For me, this has meant volunteering with my local Pride organization, and attending a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

Being around people who share the same basic values of compassion, respect, and authenticity really lifts my mood, and it helps further if I feel like I’m making a positive difference in the world.

Choosing hope is an uphill battle, especially when faced with horrifying headlines that we as individuals can’t really do much about.

But, the way I see it, hope, in partnership with nurturing community, is the only way forward.

Cynicism be damned.

Color Scheme for the Month of June 2023

Photo by Hoach Le Dinh on Unsplash

My Color Scheme for June 2023 is: lemon and lime!

Er, uh… yellow and green.

These bright colors give me a zesty mental boost, not unlike the citrus fruits they represent.

I don’t have anything deep to say about my color choices this month.

They’re just fun, which is always a welcome energy to have when we head into summer.

I guess I could make some sorta joke about life giving you lemons… but nah.

Happy June!

May your month be full of hope, great expectations, loving community, and a zest for life.


Signature of the name Riley
Riley, he/they pronouns

Looking for ways to build community? Check out this post of volunteering ideas to get started!

If you’ve been struggling to find hope in a chaotic world, too, here’s a playlist that might boost your spirits.

Have you chosen a word for June 2023 yet? What about a song of the month? Drop some monthly inspiration in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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